You Already Take Cyber Security Seriously...
Make Your Cybersecurity Easier with Easy-to-Manage Passwords, while maintaining an Enterprise Level Audit Log Reporting Capability?


Guardian Angel Password Management

Guardian Angel Password Management by Secure ERPYour business has always taken security seriously and been mindful of protecting your data. You've invested in firewalls, anti-virus programs, spam filtering, and backup/disaster recovery tools. But when is the last time you considered the first line of defense beyond all these security measures? Passwords are used to protect your systems, data, and online accounts; however, the difficulty of remembering strong passwords often puts people off creating them.

Our Guardian Angel Password Management offering makes it simple for you to use strong passwords while delivering the following benefits:

Ease of Use

Your staff members can easily reset their own Windows login passwords without needing to call the help-desk and wait for a response.


Enhanced Productivity

Your staff members will no longer waste time hunting for or trying to remember passwords, and through one-click login tools...


Improved Operational Efficiency

Your staff members will be able to consolidate website favorites/ bookmarks across all computers using one click login tools...

Unsurpassed Security

Your staff members will use more complex passwords as opposed to easily remembered passwords - and each password will be unique.

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