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Watch this 2 minute introduction to Budget Maestro to see if analyzing your financial information without spreadsheets would be easier, faster and more accurate.

Spreadsheet Free - 100% Accurate Results

Next generation formula-free budgeting & forecasting software creates confident decisions.

Analytics Maestro is your business intelligence module by bringing the power and flexibility of enterprise-class OLAP (online analytical processing) reporting to the desktop. Extracting key data from Budget Maestro and your ERP accounting system General Ledger data, this financial analytics tool drives better decision making and increased accountability throughout the organization.

Learn How Maestro Suite Can Help Your Numbers

View our on-demand demo of the Maestro Suite in 8 topic oriented chapters and watch the categories that are relevant to your business, budgeting & analytic process. Most videos are under 5 minutes, and we strongly recommend you start with the Fundamental video if this is your first time watching this material.