HackerERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Resellers will give you a multitude of reasons why you should change your ERP system. I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t upgrade. You’ve had your reliable accounting software for 10 or more years (20 if you’re still running something in DOS) and your company has been running just fine. I’ve listed 5 reasons why you don’t need to spend the time or the money to change out “Old Reliable.”

  1. Implementing an ERP Upgrade will cost too much

Have you seen the price tag on these new ERP Systems? Back in the day, we didn’t spend that much on our first house!

Being older has some advantages, one is that I can recall 25 years ago the type of accounting software available to SMB type businesses. If you weren’t Ford, your options were somewhat limited and the software was rather limited. To obtain the capabilities of ERP often meant 6 or 7 figure price tags with customization galore. The fact is that ERP software is now within the reach of more and more SMB size firms than ever before.  The cost has actually come DOWN just like technology. Here’s an article to ensure your upgrade stays on budget.  The question to ask is “What’s the cost of NOT upgrading?”

  1. We’re too Customized with what we have now, it’ll cost a fortune to re-do that.

The last time we “upgraded” we spent thousands to customize our accounting software to match what we do. We’d be foolish to upgrade again.

Before modern ERP systems, each customization once written locked your company to NOT upgrading your software unless you paid the ransom, er, re-write cost of the customization. NO MORE!  ERP software isolates the custom code to minimize re-writes of customization. Plus, systems written in Microsoft .NET allow a much wider pool of people capable of writing the “tweaks.” Perhaps even someone within your IT staff.

  1. What we have works fine and we’ve always done it this way.

When something is working, why in the world would I want to break it? You just want to sell me your “gizmo.”

The simple fact is (and always will be) things change. Some things for the better, some for the worse. I think technology is one of those things for the better.  Are you still using a flip phone? Incorporating new technology (such as mobile device use) necessitates change. Mature ERP systems like SYSPRO & TRAVERSE were re-written in Microsoft .NET to enable new technologies.  You must update your processes to be an innovator in your industry.  If you aren’t the industry leader, could this be the reason why?

  1. We don’t have time to change anything.

We barely have time to change our light bulbs when they go out.  We don’t have time to change how we do things?

I’m guessing each of us have said this before. We have so much packed into a day, we barely have time to take a breath. Very few of us like change, but the fact is, change is natural. Everything is always changing and we evolve to change with them. Remember the flip phone? Trust me, your competitors are evolving.  They actually hope you won’t change.

  1. Our people don’t want to learn anything new.

Our people are set in their ways, they don’t want to learn anything new and I don’t either.

Learning takes time and after reading #4, now you’re just making my brain ache. The nice thing about technology is, often times learning something new comes with benefits which ultimately SAVE you time.  ERP systems now offer the ability to email invoices and statements to customers.  This eliminates the chore of stuffing envelopes, burning up toner & paper used for printing, not to mention the costly postage.  Everyone wins.  Now that’s something I want to learn!

Finally, a REAL reason NOT to change your ERP system:
“You Don’t Like What Your ERP Tells You About Your Business.”

I was working for a client in completing a customized sales order entry module which fed their manufacturing process.  Previously, they performed it all manually and if a mistake wasn’t caught in the production documents before the shop floor, it had to be scrapped resulting in huge losses of time and money. I had just automated the process with 100% accuracy.  The Production Manager admitted he didn’t believe I would be successful as it was too complicated.  He was quite pleased they were able to eliminate time consuming reviews of all production documents going back to the Shop Floor.  Shortly after, the company was sold and the new owners (without discussing it with me) argued the software wasn’t “giving them the right numbers.” They weren’t familiar with the software in place, so they decided a new ERP system (which they had previously used) was needed.  I was out.  When I checked back with the controller 4 years later, they were STILL using my sales order module.  The new ERP software was still being customized to replicate my module. The controller wouldn’t disclose how much they had already spent, but indicated they thought another $30,000 would finish it. Now THAT’s a reason NOT to upgrade your ERP system.

About the Author, Rick Rusch | Cyber Security Evangelist

Rick Rusch is the founder and CEO of Secure ERP, an Indianapolis based cyber security & IT services firm, and refers to himself as a Cybersecurity Evangelist. Although having worked in Information Technology for over 30 years, Rick has focused on cyber security since 2015 to educate business owners of the unprecedented dangers in the age of Hackers & Ransomware. Rick has been speaking on cyber risk & mitigation for over 4 years to organizations, conference attendees and enterprise leaders just like you. Rick spent 12 years at the Indianapolis law firm, Cohen & Malad as their Controller and Director of IT.

Rick is a father of 2 grown children, enjoys travel photography and has degrees in accounting and computer science and is a CPA.

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